How to Employ the Five Levels of Delegation

It is so important to use the same language and terms to gain your intended effect! When the intent is not clearly understood by all, there may be significant repercussions. As an example, there’s an old joke about how to tell the difference of each military branch based upon the command, “Secure the building.” When [...]

What If You Nail It?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” -- Henry Ford How many of us are actually grateful for the our past failures? Your failures, and your successes, actually helped shape who you are today, both in your work and personal life. So then, knowing we often feel grateful for our past [...]

Commitments to Self < Commitments to Others?

Why Are Commitments to Myself More Difficult to Keep Than My Commitments to Others? I wish I could say after 42 years, I’ve been able to figure out the trick to keeping commitments I’ve made to myself as easily as I make commitments to others. If I’ve promised you I'd meet a deadline, or if [...]

Your Focus Impacts Your World

Your Focus Impacts Your World Whether we realize it or not, our own personal attitudes and thoughts aren’t just impacting ourselves. We impact those around us at home, at work, at school, and in the world. Where are your thoughts? Are you full of “not enoughs,” or are you grateful, focused on the great fullness [...]