Experience Seminars

Experience Seminars

Our seminars are a fun, thought-provoking, inspiring, interactive learning opportunity that allows you to be internally reflective in order to expand your ability to be externally effective. These 1.5 day sessions typically run on weekends (9am-5pm Saturday and 9am-12:30pm Sunday) and kick off with a vision-setting exercise enabling you to identify where you want to focus on firing up your potential in both your personal and professional life. We cap the number of participants at 25, so we have a small-group learning environment for you to really dig in and dig deep. We guarantee you’ll have fun and leave the weekend with new skills and tools to experience your potential.

Example topics we’ll cover during the seminar include:

Vision Setting. A key aspect to understand your ultimate purpose, we go through an exercise that supports identifying where you rate yourself in all areas of your life, identify where you’d like to improve, and identify blocks you have (known or unknown) limiting your ability to live to your potential.

Leadership. Whether you lead a large group of people, or if you are a leader of your own life, we re-discover traits important in effective leaders.

Communication. A key interpersonal skill, we remind ourselves of communication as a two-way process. We learn ways to improve how we both send and receive messages.

Work/Life Balance. We lead you through exercises to help get clarity of purpose and organization skills that support the most effective use of your time.

Health and Wellness. Let’s focus on the link between fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and sleep. We discuss how each of these areas combine to create your best self.

Creativity. How do you find space for creativity and imagination in your everyday life? Why is that important? We’ll discover ways to up our creativity potential with a variety of engaging exercises throughout the seminar.

Seminars can also be custom designed for clients based on specific goals and objectives.

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