Experience Coaching

Experience Coaching

Our typical clients include successful people, or successful teams, who are interested in experiencing growth toward even more success. You’ve accomplished much so far, but you’re finding there are roadblocks (some you see, and some perhaps you’re not even aware of) that are preventing you from moving forward.

As your coach, we will tell the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable. When it comes to leading you to extraordinary results, we hold nothing back.

Our coaching philosophy is to serve you to the point where you no longer need us! We intend to work ourselves out of a job while you gain insight into what’s holding you back.

Examples of When Performance Coaching Works for Teams:

  • Team Vision is no Longer Clear. Define your vision and long-term objectives, and explore how your team’s projects align to them.
  • Handling Business Setbacks. Deal with unexpected, or unwanted, setbacks as a group. Identify your opportunities, and set a plan to achieve success.
  • Struggling with Communication. Identify techniques to increase trust and communication for better team effectiveness.
  • Managing Change. Identify ways to collaborate and become an even stronger team as a result.

Examples of When Performance Coaching Works for Individuals:

  • Long-range Life Planning. You’ve had a successful career, but don’t feel like you’re at your potential. Perhaps you’re feeling successful in the workplace, but struggling with your home life – either way, you want support as you figure out the next steps.
  • Navigate Inflection Points. Work through the major change, either professionally or personally, and address any blocks slowing your progress.
  • Impact Energy Level. Identify your current energy profile, assess your situation, choose your best option, create your plan, and watch as you perform with more energy at a higher level. Repeat this process in any aspect of your life where you want to see increased performance.

Let’s have a conversation. How do you define success? Where do you find yourself hitting roadblocks? What are some breakthroughs you’d like to experience? We would love to talk about your vision, help you dream bigger, and celebrate with you as you transform in ways that you never anticipated.

To see true transformation, consider the 12 Session option listed below. If you’d like a tailored coaching package, let’s talk more about your vision. Perhaps you’d like to work for 6 or 12 months. Or, you’d like to have a 360-Assessment to get feedback from family, friends, and colleagues on your strengths and weaknesses. Or, you’d like to work more intensely for half-days – we’re happy to customize a program to help you experience greater potential.